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Collective exhibition in Česká Bříza.
Meeting of artists who exhibited in sam83
gallery in past years.


AiC Štefle | Artists in Cottage 2015 / Aradecor
AiC Štefle |
Artists in Cottage 2015
AiC Česká Bříza |
heARTbreaker 2015

AiC Česká Bříza |
heARTbreaker 2015 / ll

residential stay


Petr Halámka



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Orientation bases

The sixth year of the apartment project
4 WINDOWS is focused on archives and databases.

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Ondřej Vinš

Composition No.1, 2014



A2 cultural quaterly
invites: 8. 11. 2014



Summer Residency

Anežka Hošková / Blanka Jakubčíková / Franco Augusto


Spring Residency

Birutė Kapustinskaitė / Tomas Smulkis / Valentina Furian / Valentina Lacinio / Anna Roberta Vattes / František Fekete / Veronika Slámová / Maciej Rawluk

Tomas Smulkis / Paradise Road







Opening New Exhibition

Pavla Malinova and Veronika Vlkova

The exhibition In me like in a goat shows work of twou young czech painters Pavla Malinova (1985, Vsetín) and Veronika Vlkova (1985, Brno). Alongside visual art they both devote to music.

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Educational programms

Accompanying programs to exhibitions
Sam83 gallery prepares for schools and public

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PIZMO Magazine No. 8!

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4 WINDOWS | readings | Sam

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Following exhibition

|> Roman Týc, Tomáš Hrůza a Miroslav Junák |> Opening - November 12th 2011 - 5 p.m. |

Photographic exhibition of three men in 'productive age'. About their character, viewpoint, thinking and common interest to communicate through image. The exhibition displays their differences based on common principles like concept (random or willful), photography (technically perfect or taken by simply way e.g. cell phone) and final image with a different communicative significance changeable according to ambient conditions.

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New video of 4 WINDOWS

Record of Jan Těsnohlídek readings. Readings passed on September 4th in Klatovy (temporary external space of Sam83 gallery) as thrid vol. of Sam´s project 4 WINDOWS.

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