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Collective exhibition in Česká Bříza.
Meeting of artists who exhibited in sam83
gallery in past years.


AiC Štefle | Artists in Cottage 2015 / Aradecor
AiC Štefle |
Artists in Cottage 2015
AiC Česká Bříza |
heARTbreaker 2015

AiC Česká Bříza |
heARTbreaker 2015 / ll

residential stay


Petr Halámka



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Orientation bases

The sixth year of the apartment project
4 WINDOWS is focused on archives and databases.

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Ondřej Vinš

Composition No.1, 2014



A2 cultural quaterly
invites: 8. 11. 2014



Summer Residency

Anežka Hošková / Blanka Jakubčíková / Franco Augusto


Spring Residency

Birutė Kapustinskaitė / Tomas Smulkis / Valentina Furian / Valentina Lacinio / Anna Roberta Vattes / František Fekete / Veronika Slámová / Maciej Rawluk

Tomas Smulkis / Paradise Road







Open Call - Summer Residency 2011

Culture83 & Sam83 gallery organizes summer residency for artists, curators a theorists.
AiC 2011 Ondřejovice
Artists in Cottage June 19th - June 29th 2010

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PIZMO Magazine No. 5!


5th Issue of PIZMO magazine is going to be launched on March 12th.
We recommed you warmly to subscribe for next year. Frantisek Stupka
prepared an attachement for first fifty subscribers.

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Invitation for next exhibition

| curated: Sam & Denisa Bytelová | Feb 20th 2011 – Apr 30th 2011

The exhibition In Panel (etc.) is a review of work of young Czech photographer. The instalation is based on her three main photoprojects Family talks (2007), Daily stories (2008) and In Panel (2010). Portraits of women (2003-2004) represents here the oroiginal concept she develops in next photos.

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Catalogue launch

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Christmas issue of PIZMO magazine


4th Issue of PIZMO magazine was launched on December 12th.
We recommed you warmly to subscribe for next year.

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St. Nicholas

Nice Advent-time and see video from last opening

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Exhibition opening

Label European Capital of Culture, The First Lady of Pilsner Painting, Ostravian Bard, The Beer, The Coal.
Label The Reality is Different.

Blank titles, repeated mining of mined out and race principles don´t produce anything good for cultural field and also abroad in general. Alike the artificial interventions which are necessary to ensure the nonfunctional system.
The contrapose of two cities was the occasion to make collective exhibition of Květa and Jiří. Here are side by side, by themself, in personal competition of their lives by the media they have chosen or by those which went together.

Why does the city The BEER compete with the city The COAL?
Květa Monhartová & Jiří Surůvka | curator: Sam | 14. 11. 2010 – 30. 1. 2011

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