New video of 4 WINDOWS

Record of Jan Těsnohlídek readings. Readings passed on September 4th in Klatovy (temporary external space of Sam83 gallery) as thrid vol. of Sam´s project 4 WINDOWS.

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PIZMO Magazine No. 7!

On June 12th will be a new issue of PIZMO magazine launched. Johana Cerna has an attach for subscribers prepared.

Content of No. 6

Hybrid music for hybrid people / Jan K!amm
Lo INADECUADO / Densia Bytelová
mm such a beautiful garden / Hendrix for PIŽMO
Babrdón: stupid = bad / Sam the Fucker
Oliverio Girondo: 21 / translate: Aleš Hurdálek
Round Roll above Struhadlo / poster: Sam the Fucker

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Opening New Exhibition

Małgorzata Łojko, Johana Cerná a Graeme McKinnon

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AiC Struhadlo Exhibition

July 23th 2007 - Sam the Fucker´s one day exhibition
Artist in Cottage

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AiC 2011 Ondřejovice

Next Summer residency organized by Sam83 gallery and culture83 took place in Ondrejovice. See photos.

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