PIZMO Magazine No. 6!

On June 12th was a new issue of PIZMO magazine launched. Michaela Kokoskova has an attach for subscribers prepared.

Content of No. 6

William Wegman / Deodorant
Noise Assault Agency Budweiss
Milan Kozelka ~ Fairy tales
Babrdón / Ble. Ble. Ble.
May in České Budějovice
Stencil / poster: Sam

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AiC 2011 Ondřejovice

Deadline to send application form May 15th 2011
Summer residency 2011


AiC 2011 Ondřejovice
Artists in Cottage June 19
th - 29th 2011

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Milan Kozelka: readings (Klatovy, Komenského 4/4)

On Tuesday will be the exhibition of last year residency opened in Spillar Brothers Gallery in Domažlice. We invite you after the opening to Klatovy, Komenskeho 4/4 street (behind 4 WINDOWS) for Milan Kozelka´s readings.

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Opening New Exhibition


Bronislava Šnajdrová  Podle Slavíka____________ Jiří Valoch ga

curator: Sam | May 8th 2011 –  August 6th 2011

Collective and at the same time individual exhibition of Bronislava Šnajdrová and Jiří Valoch. There were some irrelevant events leading to their connection. They met together in a showroom in role of curator and artist in 2008 when Jiří Valoch opened Šnajdrová´s exhibition in Brno. In Česká Bříza they are in relation artist - artist. Bronislava Šnajdrová prepared for the exhibition set of 25 canvas with minimizing paraphrases of Otakar Slavík images and Jiří Valoch the sound instalation of phonic poems.

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Open Call - Summer Residency 2011

Culture83 & Sam83 gallery organizes summer residency for artists, curators a theorists.
AiC 2011 Ondřejovice
Artists in Cottage June 19th - June 29th 2010

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PIZMO Magazine No. 5!


5th Issue of PIZMO magazine is going to be launched on March 12th.
We recommed you warmly to subscribe for next year. Frantisek Stupka
prepared an attachement for first fifty subscribers.

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Invitation for next exhibition

| curated: Sam & Denisa Bytelová | Feb 20th 2011 – Apr 30th 2011

The exhibition In Panel (etc.) is a review of work of young Czech photographer. The instalation is based on her three main photoprojects Family talks (2007), Daily stories (2008) and In Panel (2010). Portraits of women (2003-2004) represents here the oroiginal concept she develops in next photos.

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