Catalogue launch

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Christmas issue of PIZMO magazine


4th Issue of PIZMO magazine was launched on December 12th.
We recommed you warmly to subscribe for next year.

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St. Nicholas

Nice Advent-time and see video from last opening

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Exhibition opening

Label European Capital of Culture, The First Lady of Pilsner Painting, Ostravian Bard, The Beer, The Coal.
Label The Reality is Different.

Blank titles, repeated mining of mined out and race principles don´t produce anything good for cultural field and also abroad in general. Alike the artificial interventions which are necessary to ensure the nonfunctional system.
The contrapose of two cities was the occasion to make collective exhibition of Květa and Jiří. Here are side by side, by themself, in personal competition of their lives by the media they have chosen or by those which went together.

Why does the city The BEER compete with the city The COAL?
Květa Monhartová & Jiří Surůvka | curator: Sam | 14. 11. 2010 – 30. 1. 2011

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Accompanying programme to the exhibition Guys and girls they don´t mind


We offer for individuals, children with parents, organized groups and general public the commented exhibition visit of the actual exhibition which is concerned theme of sewing in contemporary visual expression. You can book the visit via e-mail or by phone (contacts). Entry free.

Also is prepared the educational programme for primary and high schools, download here.

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PIZMO Magazine No. 3!


You can looking forward to after September 12th. For subscribers
the new enclosure titled The attack upon Morel.

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Exhibition opening

---Daniela Mikulášková / Jan Karpíšek / Sam / Viktor Takáč / Veronika Dolanská / Milada Hynková--------------

The exhibition to the theme of sewing, textile, threads and their conectivity in all thinkable aspects.

The collective exhibition open the discussion about sewing in visual display and about transferred meaning of textile in work of contemporary artists. We expect of the discussion (exhibition) not complete and linear exhaustion of the theme, but there is important the discussion in general with all associated features and connection and compression of "artists" individualities.

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