In videosection you can find four new videos made of last year exhibitions and reportage of last one exhibition Equisterian statue of God

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In March 2010 culture83 published the catalogue of Václav Sika titled objects | reliefs | paintings by text of Jiří Valoch, Sams book design and photographs of Michael Dimitrov. Paperback, 32 pages. You can ask for that on 17th March by the vernissage in Jiří Trnka gallery in Pilsen, in Špillar Brothers gallery in Domažlice or in Sam83 gallery in Česká Bříza.

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Matyáš Chohola - Equestrian statue of God

19.2. – 1.5.2010

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About Sam83 gallery

Sam83 Gallery was opened in 2006 in Česká Bříza. Sam83 Gallery by the programme and conception comes under wide project A Vision for a New Culture and Its Place ( Practically it means, that choice of authors and organization of the exhibition is subject to elements (visually cultural, socially cultural, social, economicaly-ecological), which belong to A Vision for a New Culture and Its Place.

Opening The Sam83 Gallery preceded summer studio exhibitions, which took part in Česká Bříza 83 annually since 1996. Sam83 Gallery offers 5 exhibitions a year. The first approach was to introduce broad spectrum of contemporary artists to constituency of Sam83 visitors per collective projects (The BALLS 2006, and The WAY 32 (2007). We introduce in individual exhibitions some of the participants of these projects. With the present exhibition is also connected the presentation of the authors at this site. To each exhibition belongs an education programme.

Ideological and tangible background of gallery ensures Sam, the exhibitional programme isn´t underline to any political and donators influences.

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