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Collective exhibition in Česká Bříza.
Meeting of artists who exhibited in sam83
gallery in past years.


AiC Štefle | Artists in Cottage 2015 / Aradecor
AiC Štefle |
Artists in Cottage 2015
AiC Česká Bříza |
heARTbreaker 2015

AiC Česká Bříza |
heARTbreaker 2015 / ll

residential stay


Petr Halámka



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Orientation bases

The sixth year of the apartment project
4 WINDOWS is focused on archives and databases.

Next time:



Ondřej Vinš

Composition No.1, 2014



A2 cultural quaterly
invites: 8. 11. 2014



Summer Residency

Anežka Hošková / Blanka Jakubčíková / Franco Augusto


Spring Residency

Birutė Kapustinskaitė / Tomas Smulkis / Valentina Furian / Valentina Lacinio / Anna Roberta Vattes / František Fekete / Veronika Slámová / Maciej Rawluk

Tomas Smulkis / Paradise Road








Jan Fabián
/ Fčela

let us to invite you for the opening
June 13th 2015 v at 5pm
the exhibition runs till August 15th 2015

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AiC heARTbreaker / Spring residency starts

Marta Fišer / Museum of Indistinct Feeling

meeting - projection - discussion - monday May 18th 2015

sam83 gallery - Česká Bříza - down garden - 6pm

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Ondřej Maleček
/ The Honest Mistake

April 11th 2015 v 5pm
runs till June 5th 2015

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Curatotorial Meetings



During the penultimate weekend of March representatives of 28 galleries from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will present their activities. Meetings are open and anyone can participate. The main focus will be on the subject of galleries as „independent” artistic places and on an attempt to define the criteria of their independence, cooperation and creating international networks, joint projects, partnerships and mobility programs for artists and curators.

PL: Galeria Wschodnia (Łódź), Instytut Sztuki Wyspa (Gdańsk), Zona Sztuki Aktualnej (Szczecin) , f.a.i.t. (Kraków), Galeria Miłość (Toruń), Galeria Raczej (Poznań), Galeria Szara (Cieszyn)
CZ: Artwall Gallery (Praga), INI Gallery (Praga), Sam83 (Česká Bříza), Emil Filla Gallery (Ústí nad Labem), Umakart Gallery (Brno), Jama (Ostrava), Kukačka (Ostrava)
SK: Tabačka Kulturfabrik (Košice), PYECKA GALLERY(Košice), Plusmínusnula galéria (Zilina), Galeria HIT (Bratislava), DIG gallery (Košice), BANSKA ST A NICA (Banská Štiavnica), Make Up Gallery (Košice)
HU: Trafó Gallery (Budapeszt), Chimera Project (Budapeszt), Studio of Young Artists’ Association (Budapeszt), Auróra (Budapeszt), Labor (Budapeszt), Közelítés (Pécs)

www.galeriaszara.pl www.strefaszarej.pl

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Petr Halámka

Kingdom of '90s


Feb 15 - Mar 28, 2015 Reception: Sat Feb 14 5pm - 7pm

photographic exhibition

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PIŽMO 20 was launched, be happy

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Advent Noise Concert / PIŽMO 20 Launch


Mooncup Accident / menstruační blues v 18 h 

„You are very funny and brutal people, do you know?“ (Pierre, bluesman de Metz)

We play menstrual blues. Menstrual because blood flows from our bodies and down our bodies each month ("Oh god, accident and Mooncup is like a massacre, bless your heart!"). BLUES because we feel like niggers. We travel but we do not meet. Just eat everything. We are like children. And adults only laugh.

Mooncup Accident

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