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Since 80´s Works at wide project Vision for a new culture and its place (at these websites is the project continuously and retroactively chronicled: vision83.info). It is possible to describe that convertly like a set of principles, which contribute and tend to free conceptual sphere and which condition particular activities and subprojects, which concretize the „vision“. Today is the „vision“ subdivided into four sctions: socio-cultural projects, social projects, eco-social economy and own creation where the mentioned principles encode into visual scheme and to texts.

She choosses painting and illusionary installations containing conceptual objects and short videos for depict most frequently. All visual instruments she uses are naturally interconnected by the „vision“ and she pick out that in depence on. In paiting it is for example work with wax, alluminium pigments and stencils in videos it is emphasis on display simulation of authentic situations. Set of pictures and concrete pictures are more or less free of explicit engagement and definite contents. In Sams work we can also view them in cojunction with texts as separately standing entity without relationship to the „vision“.

Conversely social projects and interventions are elementary structural entity living conception, which pointing: ... is to create the appropriate socio-cultural conditions for the automated, natural transmission of information, thus permanently securing a compact development of social culture without artificial frameworks.” (Sam, 1989). Among that inseparably belongs foundation and leading Sam83 gallery and culture83 organisation, cooperating with non-profit organisations Nezávislý život and Prsk, support the orphanage in Kašperské Hory.

Denisa Bytelová


Exhibitions, projects

4 WINDOWS, 2010
Me and other forest animals II, 2009
4 WINDOWS, 2009
Intimbum, 2008
Me and other forest animals I, 2008