Nursery *

Darina Alster | Johana Černá | František Fekete | Blanka Jakubčíková | Jana Kochánková | Hynek Novák | Sam

Opening and Sunday afternoon tea 15.12. 2013 15-18 h - Ceska Briza Building Sam83 gallery

Sam83 gallery
15th December 2013 - 12th January 2014

Since nobody can escape the natural rhythms of the year, and because this is the holiday season, we have prepared the exhibition Nursery at the gallery.
The theme is examined from different points of view and serves as a mere connecting point for the seven contemporary artists participating.
During the weekend of the 14th-15th of December, Darina Alster, Johana Černá, František Fekete, Blanka Jakubčíková-Zajíček, Jana Kochánková, Hynek Novák and Sam will work on the preparation of the exhibition .
Thanks to the kaleidoskopic effect of a group exhibition, the basic themes of family and game feed will be handled from multiple points of view. The constellation of mother, son and adoptive father in a symbolic layout refers not only to the Christian story, but also to the family as the basic building unit of society. It is possible to derive the level of society’s maturity from these small cells. The mystery which shrouds the Virgin Mary‘s conception sheds a different light on the origin of the typical family unit. The artists will lead a visual discussion on the topic in various forms. In the same way they can also reshape the element of small architectural structures in a forest or a nursery.
Part of the meeting will include the launch of Ariel Jana Kocourek’s poetry collection (see Blanka Jakubčíková -Bunny ) Transvestite Beauty, published by culture83 and launching the  sixteenth cultural quarterly numbers PIŽMO. Both events will be held on Saturday from 18:00 in the Ceska Briza 83 in building C.