I don´t see to your window

Through the exhibition I don´t see to your window we introduce the production of young artist Ondřej Roubík (1988).

Ondřej devotes to clasical painting and already at high school it was possible to observe his continuity. As an instrument for his communication he has choosen „the old medium“, which imply the necessary of authorship and thanks to this he participates in its rehabilitation. The content of Ondřejs pictures is by that time introspective now, but he managed to create their incommutable face, which over its own uniqueness invites to identification with something familiar. He devises to historical visuality of 19th Century and by him choosen motifs are usualy figural. Figures are there wearers of uncanny expressions and untold tales.

He encodes the atmosphere of the picture to the light, which he kills and dulls, thereby he offers one of possible antipoles of overexposed disappearing pictures.