Artist Valentina Furian /Itálie/
Curated by Valentina Lacinio /Itálie/
19th May 2014

Česká Bříza has never heard the sound of the sea, it's ear trained to the delicate rustle of leaves as the wind brushes through the trees. It is the 'genius' of the forest communicating, and its breath resounds without interruption. The water of the Adriatic is 900km away and tunes to the song in the same language as the waves, the sea knowing that delicate whisper that is the air itself. The distances so clearly defined by geographical proximity suddenly seem to dissappear, the magical sound that freed from it's cage rises and fills the air.
verde is a reflection about gift, the existence of a reciprocal relationship: "to give\gifting is important, but why? To establish relationships". It is effectively through this mutual exchange that the artist becomes the seas, the forest's, the water's and the wind's accomplice, creating boundaries where these elements interact, where the boundaries are lost. With this meeting the clear, original differences between elements, and places, become blurred, acquiring a new shape. This union becomes the fulcrum of the work, as a medium and figurehead of an encounter otherwise impossible.

text: Valentina Lacino