Guys and girls who don´t mind

---Daniela Mikulášková / Jan Karpíšek / Sam / Viktor Takáč / Veronika Dolanská / Milada Hynková--------------

The exhibition to the theme of sewing, textile, threads and their conectivity in all thinkable aspects.

The collective exhibition open the discussion about sewing in visual display and about transferred meaning of textile in work of contemporary artists. The exhibition fluently merges in past exhibition anticipated by Veronika Dolanska´s puppets and Milada Hynkova´s aradecors.

We have choosen a small pattern of those whom don´t mind that their work could be perceived by low culture point of view, connected by gender stereotypes or even neglected thanks to used form.

We expect of the discussion (exhibition) not complete and linear exhaustion of the theme, but there is important the discussion in general with all associated features and connection and compression of "artists" individualities. The main theme contains interrogation of time and human dimension. All of these guestions are miscellaneously noticed in works of participants. By the hand fancywork of Daniela Mikulaskova and Veronika Dolanska beyond fancywork related by industry elements of Milada Hynkova, in rythm of sewing in Viktor Takac´s video, beyond time containes in Jan Karpisek´s painings up to global impact caused by greediness hinted in Sam´s video The Seamstresses.

The sewing has a well background in art history in Bayeux tapestry at least. Despite of that there is something wrong what doesn´t acknowledge its undepreciated being. We hope that we move the preconceptions.

Culture83 published a catalogue in 100 edition.