Roman Týc, Tomáš Hrůza and Miroslav Junák
Curator: Sráč Sam and Denisa Bytelová
13 November 2011 – 28 January 2012

Photographic exhibition of three men in 'productive age'. About their character, viewpoint, thinking and common interest to communicate through image. The exhibition displays their differences based on common principles like concept (random or willful), photography (technically perfect or taken by simply way e.g. cell phone) and final image with a different communicative significance changeable according to ambient conditions.

Roman Týc known more like activist is represented by set of photographs Holiday with Ken (2004). He lend his identity to a figure of a ideal man with rigid countenance. He has taken photos of Ken with his friends, they have met same places together, he let him to make the same activity. By optical trick he made a Ken of full human lenght. Set of photos is changeable by however set of photos young man. The difference is caused by Kens constant expres full of harmony and 'hidden' inner life. Sam created a temporary livingroom for albums.

Tomáš Hrůza has prepared a set of photographs which evolves his previous work. He took photo of individuals in position against to tree in park in Maribor. Hrůza submits photos in couple. In both he let the scene the same, he rotates only figures. With inconspicuous humour leads to simply way of thinking.

Miroslav Junák works thank to calling to archive however important or unimportant image. He is taking photos with no demand of objectivity, personal profilation and he is standing out of actual requirements art-community. He works for himself and we in his work is captured pleasure of pressing the shutter and gain possibility to take picture for ever. Sam has chosen photos he made in last five years, she let to print that at transparent sticker and framed into old found frames. The worth of Junáks work is held in not lost sovereignty of person.

The set of heroes, non-heroes and youths are overlapped.