Equestrian statue of God

The exhibition of young transdisciplinar author, founder and curator Potraviny (The Foodstuff) gallery (Brno), one of initiators Open letter to Academy of Fine Arts headquarters will take part in Sam83 gallery since January 20th till May 1st 2010.

We asked Matyáš Chochola for the exhibition because of qualities his work embodies. Because of open activism containing intent and courage and because of everlasting distractibility which implies attempt to don't forgot anything.

He approaches by the fluent humor to established terms, which re-evaluates impliedly in concrete projects, he put them into new relationships and thanks to that he creates artificial ambient, which need an activity of looker-on to be demarked from reality. He put by the exhibition Humhala (2008, JELENÍ gallery) artists trousers full of Google outputs for their name in front of large canvas 300 x 250 cm. In project HEARTBRAKER he sticked the sentence -I love you- in lifts cab. He has taken photo of that before the passing woman clear off and after that he exhibited that in the next front door exhibition case (m.odla gallery, Antonínská 6, Prague 7), where the surrounding of the exhibition case practically merges by the photography like by the previous project the white canvas by the white galley wall. Matyáš sends over the incentives headed to the speculator not only through visual signs, but he also joins to his projects sound, tactile and social elements, which appear plastic and by thoughts very open concepts.