Objects and Paintings

Václav Sika works since 1990 as a leader of Špillar Brothers Gallery in Domažlice. He deveotes to free creation since end of the seventies. In his work there is evident the influence not only of a period but also of the ambient where he lives and works.

He is usually invited to collective exhibitions relating to ornament, geometric abstraction and nature (Plain Report, The Forest, Optical Nature, BALLS 2006). Through these exhibitions gets his work breath of the topic which is possible thanks to Sikas contextualy opened visuality. The specifics of his work transcend in the case we can see that all together. Sika also had planty of individual exhibitions where public could to see his work in pure form.

The presentation in Sam83 gallery should to contribute to detect general grace of Sikas work, which he transformed from the nature and himself into his depict.

We have chosen for Sika characteristic works (on the other hand by him it doesn´t go differently), from the oldest objects to some new pictures 130 x 160 cm from entred circle.