Why does the city of The BEER compete with the city of The COAL?

Květa Monhartová & Jiří Surůvka | curator: Sam | November 14th 2010 – Janury 30th 2011

Label European Capital of Culture, The First Lady of Pilsner Painting, Ostravian Bard, The Beer, The Coal.
Label The Reality is Different.

Blank titles, repeating mining of mined out and race principles don´t produce anything good for cultural field
and also abroad in general. Alike the artificial interventions which are necessary to ensure the nonfunctional

The contrapose of two cities was the occasion to make collective exhibition of Květa and Jiří. Here are side by side,
by themself, in personal competition of their lives by the media they have chosen or by those which went together.

Connection of two different accesses creates a new formation which claims high opened mind of visitor who is
coming in with however determined aesthetical or conceptional figure. This requirement leads to prevent
of inattention, anticipation and fast reasons.


Květa Monhartová is being connected with a tag 'The First Lady of Pilsner Painting'. Under these word connection
we can find anything more then the taste (of tag author) to cunningly describe who Květa is, but with no care
as deeply is that binding and defining. On the other hand she is in media choosing very free. There is no
reason why to prefer painting in her work. By the next media, text or digital prepares, she extend and makes
clear her theme, which is based on existential reproduction. Since end of seventies is her work crossed a dog,
which thanks to irregular use get a symbolical connotation.

A group František Lozinski o.p.s. (founded in 2005 by Jiří Surůvka, Petr Lysáček and František Kowolowski)
has also used the dog as a estrangement reminder in the project Doghouse as suggest for Venice Biennal
in 2007. Thanks to connection of Květa and Jiří is to see more a different base of their work. Jiří Surůvka
uses art as an instrument to change reality created by power and Květa Monhartová has chosen form
of quiet comment. Surůvka with no fear articulates the reality which next transforms into performance,
pictures, installations and photographs. He go out on a limb and he never abandons the concept of ordinary
man. Hyperbole and humor is a binder of his work.


An artificial connection of Monhartová and Surůvka under cover of European Capital of Culture competition
is engaged to remove obstacles in our mind.