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Collective exhibition in Česká Bříza.
Meeting of artists who exhibited in sam83
gallery in past years.


AiC Štefle | Artists in Cottage 2015 / Aradecor
AiC Štefle |
Artists in Cottage 2015
AiC Česká Bříza |
heARTbreaker 2015

AiC Česká Bříza |
heARTbreaker 2015 / ll

residential stay


Petr Halámka



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Orientation bases

The sixth year of the apartment project
4 WINDOWS is focused on archives and databases.

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Ondřej Vinš

Composition No.1, 2014



A2 cultural quaterly
invites: 8. 11. 2014



Summer Residency

Anežka Hošková / Blanka Jakubčíková / Franco Augusto


Spring Residency

Birutė Kapustinskaitė / Tomas Smulkis / Valentina Furian / Valentina Lacinio / Anna Roberta Vattes / František Fekete / Veronika Slámová / Maciej Rawluk

Tomas Smulkis / Paradise Road







Česká Bříza heARTbreaker

Česká Bříza is a small village next to Pilsen 100km away from the capital Prague. The function of the building is not incidental in this case. The act of positioning the building outside the center of art is oppositional and that serves as a small step in deconstructing centralized power and as a support of cultural diversity and alternative art. The residential building is an extension of the existing facilities of the Sam83 gallery, which was built in Česká Bříza seven years ago the same way –i.e., self-financed, without the help of any grants or subsidies and with the same purpose in mind-- as an idea of creating a place independent of the system. In doing so, Sam reacted to the need to have an unrestricted "institution" that does not have to comply with a grant committee's wishes. The building as a political act should cement relationships and offer an opportunity to restore disturbed social relations through work on a common project, creating another place for art work whose primary motivation is not profit. This building is one of a few modules designed to fulfill Sam's concept of A Vision for New Culture and its Place i a project she started working on in the 1980s and '90s. A Vision for New Culture and its Place is an open and complex system of principles containing temporary and long-term solutions to questions that arise during a period of transformation; such as was the period of transition from totaleterianism to democracy in former Czechoslovakia Her vision is divided into four themes: social projects, socio-cultural projects and eco-economic and visual art. She is gradually realizing parts of this vision through projects such as the reconstruction of chapels with the help of local children (2002), or the drama involved in constructing the Sam83 gallery, which confronts the authors of the project with their artisitc ego which they are not used to suppressing under normal circumstances. Political and social aspects aside, the new residential building is also architecturally remarkable in its current context. For the ground floor of the two-floor wooden structure of 4 x 8 metres, Sam used a formerly built-up space in the garden of the gallery. Sam, in cooperation with architect Jiří Zábran, designed a final image of the project. The project was a low-cost one and barter was also used in the fund-raising process. The Architecture can be described as an important media, capable of significantly reflecting the values of a given society at a given time; its tangible character also makes it possible to analyze a certain period and we can glean knowledge concerning the attitude of society towards art at the time of contruction. From a historiographical point of view, we can gain information about the culture more easily through its architecture than by observing other forms of art.