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Collective exhibition in Česká Bříza.
Meeting of artists who exhibited in sam83
gallery in past years.


AiC Štefle | Artists in Cottage 2015 / Aradecor
AiC Štefle |
Artists in Cottage 2015
AiC Česká Bříza |
heARTbreaker 2015

AiC Česká Bříza |
heARTbreaker 2015 / ll

residential stay


Petr Halámka



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Orientation bases

The sixth year of the apartment project
4 WINDOWS is focused on archives and databases.

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Ondřej Vinš

Composition No.1, 2014



A2 cultural quaterly
invites: 8. 11. 2014



Summer Residency

Anežka Hošková / Blanka Jakubčíková / Franco Augusto


Spring Residency

Birutė Kapustinskaitė / Tomas Smulkis / Valentina Furian / Valentina Lacinio / Anna Roberta Vattes / František Fekete / Veronika Slámová / Maciej Rawluk

Tomas Smulkis / Paradise Road







Individual residency - Artists in Cottage

AiC Česká Bříza | heARTbreaker 2016 | individual info video AiC-1 AiC-2 AiC-3

At times when there is no open call for the submission of projects it is possible to submit your project individually.
The applications will be assessed once every three months (March, June, September, December) and applicants will be informed of the outcome by the middle of the following month. Individual projects receive a different amount of subsidies from Sam83 than do projects submitted as a response to an open call. A stay at the HeARTbreaker residence offers an efficient platform for the contemporary art originating in the activities of the Sam83 gallery and culture83 and offers a calm environment; enabling artists to concentrate on their work in close proximity to nature. In view of the conditions at the residential apartment, we recommend presenting projects which do not take up too much space and planning your stay for the months of May-late September.

How to apply:
- Completed application
- CV
- portfolio

Application form - AiC heartbreaker residency83: doc pdf
Projects and CV should be sent to: galerie@sam83.cz

The residence is located on the first floor of the HeARTbreaker building. Facilities include a kitchenette replete with eating utensils, a cooker, a kettle and a fridge. A bathroom with a sink, shower and toilet. Two residents can stay+ extra bed. Furthermore--Wi-fi, an option of having breakfast or catering
The house is cleaned once a week-- towels are changed, etc. The whole flat is non-smoking!

culture83 project

The culture83 project creates basis and background for cultural evolution in the sense of natural human activity reactive to current statement of society contingent on historical development. There is a theoreticaly-practical support in texts and documents available on www.vision83.org. The main document is A Vision For a New Culture and Its Place, which includes the basic idea to create the appropriate socio-cultural conditions for the automated, natural transmission of information, thus permanently securing a compact development of social culture without artificial frameworks.

The project culture83 comprises activity of Sam83 Gallery, residantial stays for artists and art theorists and research for A Vision For a New Culture and Its Place.

Culture83 arrised from need to struct a wide industry (merged since 1993 with the house Česká Bříza 83 subsequently since 2006 with Sam83 Gallery) and to provide an easier communication with the  public. The culture83 is an open system continuously envolved, which generate a professional discussion background with an intention to analyse from multiview comming up conditions.

There is possible on the websites to download an aplicattion form to residential stay, to register to mailing list of Sam83 Gallery, to contact organisers of project.